A downloadable game for Windows

______________________Duck Orbit___________________________

Download instructions: version download 1.4

New things in duck orbit: ice lazers and how to play menu

Story : space is a bit messy so try cleaning it up

How to play :push rocks on youre planet to get points and break youre record

Controls :Space bar to move and mouse to point to position

plz comment and enjoy the game  

type ure best score in the comments :)


Install instructions

How to download : 

step 1. download the game 

step 2. drag the zip file to youre desktop

step 3.  open it and click two times on the file duck orbit unpack the file

step 4. click two times on the new file you downloaded 

step 5. click two times on the file duck orbit and play and enjoy


Duck Orbit 1.4.zip 16 MB


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Cool update! You should add more stuff like the ice lasers it adds more depth to the game!

i am thinking of making other types of lazers but i am still thinking :}

ahah pretty fun to play even if pushing rocks in the planet is hard because of the duck's movement

First it was brokon now its fixed so enjoy